Results of Zolotaya Litera-2017 announced

Results of Zolotaya Litera-2017 announced

As many as four newspapers were named the best at the same time. These are the results of the print media competition Zolotaya Litera-2017 (Golden Letter-2017).

Winners were named in 23 nominations.

The competition is traditionally held on the Print Media Day. What is more, this day was celebrated at the Mass Media in Belarus exposition.

She is at work even during a celebration.

Luydmila Gabusova has been working at her place for 15 years now. Her strong point is the social sphere, for this reason she won in the nomination dedicated to the subject.

Luydmila Gabusova, feature editor of social problems, Belarus Segodnya Newspaper:
To my mind the main mission of a journalist (of any journalist, either in Belarus or abroad) is to help people.

If our articles don’t make people happier, than everything is pointless.

Winners were named in 23 nominations. Separately for the best materials: sport, culture, economy and politics, And personally: the best reporter, the best correspondent and the best photoreporter. Journalists say that such recognition flatters, because Zolotaya Litera is awarded once in a lifetime.

Marianna Shchetkina, Deputy Chairperson of the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly:
The role of a journalist is seen nowhere else besides in the material he publishes. The most important things today are authenticity and topicality. The information coming from a journalist is still subjective.

It is totally evident and correct, because a person interprets the events through himself. However, it must be the truth though.

Furthermore, the Print Media Day was celebrated at the Mass Media in Belarus exposition. The forum continues its work. Press-dialogues, project presentations, online conferences and photo zones could be seen at the exposition. Information technologies are so popular in Belarusian mass media today, that we hardly ever notice the advantages of the traditional mass media. For instance, you can open a newspaper at any time, look through it and even smell the printing ink. Not a lot of things can be compared with this feeling.

Olga Borodina completely agrees with this idea. She brought her personal book of poems with her to the exposition She says that poetry plays a special part in regional press.

Olga Borodina, editor in chief of “Lyakhavitsky vesnik” newspaper:
The density of the publication is rather high: more than 200 copies for the population of 1,000 people. We write not only about the life of our area, but about Brest region and Belarus.

Gomel region brought an exposition of retro equipment

among which are photo cameras and printing machines. This equipment was used by real journalists in the 20th century.

Pavel Borisov, chief specialist of media relations, Gomel City Executive Committee ideological work head department:
Every year we try to impress our visitors; this year is not an exception. “Gomelskaya Pravda” newspaper celebrated its 100th anniversary not so long ago. For this reason we dedicated a part of the exposition to this wonderful newspaper.

The exposition finished on May 6, 2017, and the last day was dedicated to children’s and students’ journalism.

Guests had a possibility to make and architectural model of Belarus’ Nuclear Plant and take part in a literature master class, and many other things.