France to elect new president on May 7


France to elect new president on May 7

The presidential elections in France are one of the most discussed events in the media. It may be because nationalists and nationalistic ideas are in demand in many European countries. However, the reasons can be discussed endlessly.

Political and financial elites in western countries are trying to influence the results of the elections to not let the far-right party win. Political rivals suddenly unite, the richest person in France gives public hints for whom he is going to vote for, damaging information suddenly arises.

These debates are like a boxing ring for them. Different ideologies, different personalities and open enmity to one another as a whole. Emmanuel Macron or Marine Le Pen said it from the very beginning that there will be no friendship.

Marine Le Pen, presidential candidate of the French Republic:
If Macron is elected president, it will lead to social conflicts in France, to the fight of everyone against everyone, to the elimination of French corporations, to the sale of France by pieces to foreign capital. And now it has become clear that will this is under Mr. Hollande’s supreme coordination.

Emmanuel Macron criticized more rather than he gave promises.

Emmanuel Macron, presidential candidate of the French Republic:
Who builds a campaign on fear? You do. Who is constantly manipulating by terrorist threats and scaring the citizens. Marine, you are the Supreme sacrifice of fear.

All in all, the presidential campaign in France broke all the records leaving Trump and Clinton behind. Macron was credited with having secret accounts on the Bahamas, Le Pen was credited with blackwash.

Such information split France into two parts. The intellectuals and big cities are for Macron. Villages and middle class are for Le Pen. The day before the elections Macron was in favor of the French population, 51% were for him.

Bruno Cautrès, political scientist:
Macron is former Economy Minister of France. He knows what he is speaking about. At the same time he has responsibility for the actions of the current government. This is what Le Pen uses by putting pressure on the topical issues of France.

However, the main trum card for Macron turned out to be his wife Brigitte. She is 24 years older than he is and he is her former student. The future Economy Minister said that she will be his wife 15 years ago. It wasn’t taken seriously than but they got married ten years ago. Many people saw a symbol in this, that a strong character is what the future president needs.

However, the rivals of Macron saw something different. After the wedding Macron’s career flew up, he got a job in a bank of the Rothchild family, who are accredited with a status of world grey cardinals. And this half myth is a real reason to not vote for Macron. Le Pen uses this myth in her interests of course.

Jean-Marie Le Pen, distinguished member of the National Front political party:
Marine is a real daughter of France. She’s fulfilling the mission of Jeanne d'Arc in the present days. France is everything for Marine. Long live Le Pen! Long live Jeanne d’Arc! Long live France!

The most important thing that France is preoccupied with is “frexit”. To be or not to be?

Marine Le Pen:
The truth is that you are looking for approval from Angela Merkel. You cannot do anything without her approval.

Emmanuel Macron:
Of course I want France to cooperate with Germany, Madam Le Pen.

Marine Le Pen:
I’ll tell you what will happen: France will be led by a woman in any case, whether it be me or Merkel.

It is necessary to say the all this political show is being held against the emergency situation in France. All the ballot stations are taken under increased security. By the way it all touched upon Belarus as well. Belarusian ice hockey players were searched by the French police, and not in the friendliest way. The International Federation apologized but it all had a negative influence on Belarus’ match with Finland, here team Belarus lost with a score 2:3.

Zinedine Zidane, the legendary football player, had something to say on the situation in France.

Zinedine Zidane, ex-captain of France football team:
Today, just as in 2002, the National Front poses a threat to France. We must do everything possible to prevent Le Pen from the presidential post.

What is more, every fifth citizen of France refused to vote as the candidates do not satisfy them.

French citizens:
Nothing like this has ever happened here before. I will vote but will decide on the day.

It is madness. Everything will lead to a bad end. And it is a tragedy for France.

We know that there is no hope to find a job. Plants are shutting down, the government has nothing to say. I understand people who support extremists but it won’t solve the problem.

It turns out that the nation’s unity won’t happen. The choice of one half won’t satisfy the other half. Macron played football with teenagers. Le Pen went fishing with workers. It didn’t convince the voters though. Bakeries in Paris are worried about the election results most of all. Confectioners have even organized a competition; a contract with the residence of the future president is on the line. However, the results will be announced on Monday only.