President Lukashenko meets with representatives of Chinese media


President Lukashenko meets with representatives of Chinese media

President Lukashenko held a meeting with representatives of Chinese media. Alexander Lukashenko used to answer questions of Russian regional media before. It is possible that the new tradition will come into practice now.

As many as 41 journalists came to Belarus from 10 Chinese provinces. Representatives of 28 newspapers, TV channels, and radio are in the delegation. The total media outreach is more than half of the Chinese population.

He Tao, correspondent of Sichuan Bulletin (China):
We have new possibilities now. After I return back to China, I will create a couple of articles and tell my readers about Belarus, about the perspectives of bilateral cooperation of Belarus and China.

As many as two hours of real-life communication and more than a dozen of questions. The journalists were interested in the international; situation as well, and in the personal friendship of Alexander Lukashenko with Xi Jinping. The two leaders have complete political and economic understandings.

Jia Jinfeng, correspondent of China News information agency (China):
You highly appreciate your friendship with Xi Jinping. Does it bring benefit to China-Belarus relations?

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
A lot depends on personal relations; everything depends on the relations with certain states. Xi Jinping and I have very friendly relations. He visited my house. Frankly speaking, my son has close relations with Xi Jinping’s wife. They are friends. If we meet somewhere, and my son is present, he has common subjects to talk about with the Chinese leader’s wife; they can talk up to half a day in the English language.

President Lukashenko was among the first to be invited to the he global Chinese project One Belt, One Road. In diplomatic language it is a symbol of special respect.

Alexander Lukashenko:
The One Belt, One Road initiative remakes the economic picture of the world. There are many unions in the world, but the specialty is in that this initiative creates new points of economic growth in the world economy. It is not expansion, it is not China’s coming to this or that country on the way of the Silk Way, in order to sell or impose something. China is moving forward and it is its peculiarity, never before had the world seen anything like it, it is moving on as a friendly country, it offers loans, investments, the most advanced technologies to the countries through which the Silk Way will go through.

As many as ten years, 20 countries, more than ten thousand kilometers of railways. The Silk webs will capture Central Asia, the Middle East, Russia and Europe. Belarus is a logistic crossroads. The participation of Belarus in the project will give it benefits. By some accounts when the corridor starts functioning to its full capacity, as many as 10% of EU’s and China’s commodity circulation will go through Belarus, which is about 600 billion dollars.

The first train with Belarusian products left for China. It will take only 12 days to get to the destination point, when it used to take from 45 to 60 days by sea before.

Alexander Lizunov, deputy chief of freight operations and foreign economic activity service of the Belarusian Railways:
The time of delivery is one of the most important factors. Belarus has no rivals when it comes to speaking about the two week delivery from Belarus to any place in China.

Global issues were discussed at the meeting with Chinese journalists. Gansu is a region in the northwest of China; it has been cooperating with Grodno region for ten years now.

Xie Zhi-Juan, correspondent of Gansu Bulletin (China):
What other mutual possibilities can Belarus and China use? How to widen the regional cooperation with the province of Gansu?

Alexander Lukashenko:
We received a possibility to cooperate not only with the province of Gansu, but to spread Belarusian products and goods to China as well. These are juices, crystal. There are no taboo subjects in the relations of Belarus and China. In this case China can count on Belarus’ support concerning Chinese initiatives.

In his State of the Nation Address, Alexander Lukashenko reminded that 100 million dollars of direct Chinese investments is a minimum that every region is expected of.

Andrei Boltrik, Deputy Chairman of Grodno City Executive Committee:
The First project is the reconstruction of the hotel “Grodno”, which was sold to the Chinese company “Quan Shen” in March 2016. As for establishing Chinese traditional medical center, the project will be fulfilled on places which haven’t been in use for a long time.

One of the major Belarus-China projects is the building of the industrial park “Great Stone”, for the infrastructure of which China invested more than 100 million dollars.

Alexander Lukashenko:
It is very important to attract the most advanced plants to the industrial park “Great Stone”. The industrial park in Belarus is, it can be said so, a project of Xi Jinping. It was not by chance that he called it the pearl of the Silk Way.

Chinese capital is invested into Belarusian business as well. Figures speak for themselves. The mutual commodity circulation of China and Belarus grew by more than 100 times in the last 25 years. This plant knows for sure how to attract Chinese buyers. As many as 300 tons of health elixir have already been tried out in several Chinese regions.

Maria Karpinskaya, deputy director of the plant:
Birch juice was not heard much of in China. And when I make a presentation of the plants product for Chinese companies, I always take a birch log with me. This is how I explain to the where the juice is extracted from and how good it is for people’s health.

Chinese say that you can’t clap your hands with one hand. At the moments two hands of Belarus and China are stretched out to one another. A friendly handshake is strong and mutually beneficial.

Photo taken from the Official Internet Portal of the President of the Republic of Belarus