First container train with Belarusian products departures to China

First container train with Belarusian products departures to China

Belarusian products transported to China through the railway. The first train with Belarusian products left the Belarusian town of Smorgon for China on May 6, 2017. It will travel through the Silk Way.

The train is to travel 10,000 kilometers till it reaches the Chinese city of Chengdu.

What is the train transporting to China and what perspective does the railway open for Belarus’ economy?

The moment has come when Belarusian economy has increased its export to China so much, that logistics cannot stay in one place anymore. The railway is a beneficial variant for everyone.

Alexander Lizunov, deputy chief of freight operations and foreign economic activity service of the Belarusian Railways:
The main streams of cargos are from China to Europe today, and most of the times they return back empty.

It creates a potential for Belarus, so that Belarusian exporters could reduce the price for carriage, enter this return carriage.

The container train travelling to China does not only make the transportation cheaper, but it also takes care of the manufacturers’ nerves as well. It is known that the simpler the logistics, the more reliable the delivery is.

The distance to the Chinese city of Chengdu is nearly 10,000 kilometers. Belarusian producers used marine passage before to supply China with Belarusian products. It used to take up to two months.

Thanks to the railway, the cargo will reach its destination on the 12th day, which is five times quicker.

The first railway pioneer was the wood processing plant in Smorgon. The plant shipped wood laminated plastic and laminated material to China before for them to try it out. The Chinese consumer estimated the product and signed a contract on a large delivery.

Lyudmila Syrnikova, deputy commercial director of the wood processing plant in Smorgon:
If a Chinese consumer is prepared to buy Belarusian products today, it really means a lot. Including the fact that they are satisfied with the quality of the products.

The railway is just like an iron thread of the cooperation between the West and the East. The first departure of the Belarusian container train is a moment of history.

More and more companies today are signing contracts with China, for this reason the interest towards railway transportation is growing.

Alexander Yanchevsky, first deputy director general of "Belintertrans transport-logistics center" of the Belarusian Railways:
Today we can offer a whole complex of services today, from providing rolling equipment and ending with service both in Europe and China.

The ice has been broken.

Food products will soon be transported by railway as well. Refrigerator containers will help to preserve the freshness of products.