Belarus to take part in summit One Belt, One Road in Beijing in mid-May

Belarus to take part in summit One Belt, One Road in Beijing in mid-May

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko emphasizes the importance of the forthcoming visit to China for the development of relations between the two countries. The future of the Belarusian-Chinese cooperation was discussed at the May 4 meeting of the President with representatives of Chinese central and regional media. Strong and reliable relations have been established between the countries, the relations of states have the character of a strategic partnership.

Dozens of investment projects have already been implemented in power engineering and construction. In the humanitarian sphere, there is an exchange of students, cooperation in science and tourism is developing too. One of the large-scale joint projects is the Industrial Park Great Stone. Its history began in June 2014. Today we can already see some results. As Alexander Lukashenko emphasizes, Belarus is ready to host any production facilities and create favorable conditions for them.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
We created probably the most favorable conditions for the development of industries and companies from the People's Republic of China. But if you find it necessary to ask us on a more favorable regime for the operation of your companies, we will consider this. I instructed and we are, if I'm not mistaken, preparing an appropriate decree to further subsidize the works and production processes of Great Stone residents. Your company is one of the first, and maybe the first company that builds an enterprise in the "Great Stone" - a plant for the production of supercondensers, as well as equipment for rail transport, which you are developing. Since we will have a surplus of electric power in the future, we are thinking today this way: for example, we are building an automobile plant together with the People's Republic of China on the basis of your car technologies. But we are also planning to develop the production of electric cars there. We are ready to host any high-tech production facilities in our joint industrial park and create, as you have just said, the most favorable conditions for their operation.

The journalists asked the President about the future of Belarusian-Chinese relations, China's role in the international arena and the development of regional cooperation, as well as the growth of exports of Belarusian products to the PRC. Now a "new window of opportunity" is opening up. Belarus has already begun to supply meat and dairy products to the Chinese market, and, as foreign reporters have noted, they enjoy popularity there because of its high quality.

Alexander Lukashenko:
It is very difficult to enter the Chinese market with food products, because of very high demands from your bodies that control food products. You must have a very high level of food. But we had no problems with that. We certified meat and dairy products within several months and today we already sell meat and dairy products. And not in test mode. We went this way long ago. We first shipped small batches, we looked at whether you will buy our food products. With great pleasure do people buy those foodstuffs, because, as you noted, they are of very high quality. Why? Because, firstly, we have a high level of agricultural production. Secondly and most importantly, we have recently completely modernized the processing of raw materials from milk and meat. Today we produce the whole spectrum of meat and dairy products known in the world.

This meeting was a key event in the framework of a large-scale press tour of Chinese journalists. It was organized especially on the eve of the summit One Belt, One Road, in which Belarus will also partake. The forum will be held in Beijing in mid-May.