Belarus President meets with Chinese media, hails relations with PRC


Belarus President meets with Chinese media, hails relations with PRC

At this moment, Alexander Lukashenko is holding a meeting with Chinese central and regional media. About 40 journalists from the largest media of the PRC gathered in the Palace of Independence. They are employees of the Xinhua news agency, the China Daily newspaper, the central television of China.

In early May, they arrived on the first large-scale press tour in Belarus. They have already visited the landmark places of Belarus and Minsk, such as the Mound of Glory, the largest factories, the "Great Stone" industrial park and the High Technology Park.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
I am sincerely glad to welcome you on the Belarusian land. I know that you have been in Belarus for several days and have already had time to get to know our country, learn about its economic, cultural and scientific potential, get an idea of ​​the nature and traditions of Belarusians. This is the first large-scale press tour of representatives of the central and regional media of the People's Republic of China in the history of bilateral relations.

Perhaps there is no country in Europe that is closer to China than Belarus. I want to quote the words of Zhang Dejiang, who has recently visited Belarus. The Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress called Belarus and China iron brothers. Indeed, today we call our friendship 'all-weather'. We have achieved significant results in politics, supporting each other in international organizations, and in economy. We are jointly creating the Chinese-Belarusian Industrial Park, and have already implemented dozens of investment projects in the energy sector and construction. In the humanitarian sphere, there is an exchange of students, cooperation in science and tourism is developing too. Nevertheless, I believe that the interaction between Belarus and China should be even more ambitious and dynamic. This is why we assess this year as a turning point in the bilateral relations.

Secondly, this press tour was organized especially on the eve of the One Belt, One Road summit, in which Belarus will also take part. The forum will address global issues. In fact, the very initiative One Belt, One Road is historical and reshapes the economic map of the world, creating new points of growth of the world economy.

I repeat: the initiative One Belt, One Road is reshaping the economic map of the world.

There are a lot of unions in the world, but the peculiarity of this one is that this initiative in its practical movement creates new points of growth in the world economy.

After the meeting with the Belarusian head of state, the foreign guests will visit the Museum of the Great Patriotic War and see the opera by Rimsky-Korsakov.