Belarus President counts on more investments from China

Belarus President counts on more investments from China

China will not find any closer European country than Belarus, said on May 4 the Belarusian President meeting with representatives of Chinese central and regional media. Strong and reliable relations, referred to as the strategic partnership, have been established between the countries.

Currently, together Belarus and China are creating the Chinese-Belarusian industrial park "Great Stone", dozens of investment projects have been implemented in power engineering and construction. In the humanitarian sphere, there is an exchange of students, cooperation in science and tourism is developing too. At the same time, as Alexander Lukashenko noted, Belarus expects even greater results from relations with China.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
The 25-year period of our cooperation led us to the highest level of cooperation between China and Belarus, the highest possible level of relations the People's Republic of China can have with other countries. We enjoy a mutually beneficial, confidential, strategic partnership. The Chinese leadership always says to us: 'If you need money for the development of the economy, any credit resources, we will help you as much as you will have normal payback projects.' In this respect, we have absolutely no problems. We built many enterprises in the energy sector with the participation of Chinese builders, Chinese experts, based on Chinese technologies. China has been gathering technologies from the whole world, piece by piece. It is very important for us to advance in economic issues, although we are developing very rapidly in all directions, but the economy is the foundation. It is very important for us to more quickly attract the most advanced enterprises to the industrial park "Great Stone". I mean companies with the most advanced technologies, the technologies of tomorrow, and maybe the day after tomorrow. In this region it is impossible to create old enterprises with old technologies, counting only on the current sales of products. I will tell you frankly that we are counting on a faster arrival of investors primarily from the People's Republic of China. The industrial park in Belarus is, you can say, Xi Jinping's project. No wonder he called it the Pearl of the Silk Road. Therefore, we cannot fail this project in any case. I hope that after our meeting in Beijing, the industrial park Great Stone will receive additional breathing and development.

The journalists asked the President about the future of Belarusian-Chinese relations, China's role in the international arena and the development of regional cooperation.

Alexander Lukashenko:
Guangdong, in terms of economic development, potential, in terms of GDP is more than Russia. Probably, it is difficult to add something to it. You have a very developed production of telecommunications equipment, other electrical engineering... You have chemical production, you produce shoes, textiles... You produce everything. You GDP is more than a trillion dollars. We are very interested in developing relations, even at the level of our state with your province.

We stepped up trade in food products. We have made significant progress in tourism and science. Today there is talk about the opening of a flight between Minsk and Guangzhou. Therefore, the prospects are good. Belarusians have many directions that can be studied and adapted in China. It is right. You said very precisely about the support of motherhood, childhood. We are leaders, Belarus is among the top three nations with the highest affordability of medicine for people. The most advanced technologies are mastered in Belarus. In a word, if you plan to give birth (or someone is thinking about it), please, come, give birth in Belarus. You will feel what is taking care of a mother.

This is the first large-scale press tour for Chinese mass media representatives in the history of Belarus-China relations. It was organized especially on the eve of the summit One Belt, One Road, in which Belarus will also partake. It will be held in Beijing in mid-May.