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French police search Belarus ice hockey team ahead of 2017 IIHF WM

The Belarusian Foreign Ministry demands explanations from the French authorities because of the search of the Belarusian national hockey team. This is stated in the official Twitter account of the foreign ministry. The ministry also said that the embassy of Belarus in France is in touch with the team.

Team Belarus, including coaches and doctors, underwent a thorough search at the train station in Paris, where the team arrived from Bordeaux to that IIHF ice hockey world championship.

Evgenia Nikitina, Press Secretary of the Hockey Federation of the Republic of Belarus:
The guys were repeatedly searched by the various airport security services and not only. The Ice Hockey Federation of France officially apologized to the Hockey Federation of the Republic of Belarus in connection with the incident already yesterday. At the moment, we continue to prepare for the games.

The police examined the personal belongings of the athletes and all the drugs of the accompanying doctors were checked. The thorough examination lasted about 20 minutes. After the police could not find anything, the team was released.

Belarus demands explanations from France after Belarusian hockey players searched