Ella Selitskaya appointed chairwoman of Belarusian Swimming Federation


Ella Selitskaya appointed chairwoman of Belarusian Swimming Federation

A new chairwoman will now rule the Belarusian Swimming Federation. Instead of Anatoly Tozik, who held the post from 2012, Ella Selitskaya (acting deputy minister for taxes and duties, and former member of the BSSR swimming team) will head the federation. Her deputies will be Alla Chernova and Natalia Sholomitskaya.

In addition to the elections of the new head, nine persons were presented with award pins for various merits at the conference.

Among them are the leader of the Belarusian national team Aliaksandra Herasimenia , as well as her coach Elena Klimova.

Aliaksandra Herasimenia, winner of the Olympic Games in swimming:
It's always nice when your merits are noted, especially since these are the first award pins. This, however, is the second number, after my coach, but I'm pleased to get it one of the first. One should not cling to the past. We need to always look ahead.

Considering that the chairwoman is the master of sports and was previously associated with sports, I think she knows some problems from the inside.

And she will definitely look into those issues that have arisen recently.

Over the past Olympic cycle, the Belarus national team won 25 medals at various international competitions.

The main award was the bronze of Aliaksandra Herasimenia at the Olympic Games in Rio.