Lilia Ananich: Belarus has formed a full-fledged and open media space

Lilia Ananich: Belarus has formed a full-fledged and open media space

A full and open media space has been formed in Belarus, said Information Minister Lilia Ananich on May 3 at the opening of the 21st international media exhibition. The country currently has more than 1,600 national print publications and over 270 TV and radio programs.

Leading Belarusian mass media presented their stands. Partaking in the exhibition are also foreign media, including those from Russia and China.

The media exhibition in Belarus is also a platform for discussing the actual problems of journalism and society as a whole. Experts will talk about the responsibility and professionalism of the journalist, as well as the security of the information space.

Lilia Ananich, Minister of Information of the Republic of Belarus:
The law regulates journalistic profession, it is very responsible, it gives the journalist the right to receive and disseminate information. Legislation also says journalists are responsible for the word they carry to the reader, spectator, and listener. Therefore, professionalism is also responsibility. In my opinion, these are the general components of the profession of a journalist.

Belarusian media prepared presentations for the guests of the forum. The CTV Channel also made its presentation. TV presenters and journalists of the information broadcasting directorate of the CTV Channel spoke about the peculiarities of the reporter's profession. In addition, the visitors learned how news on television are made and even saw the backstage of a live broadcast.