President Lukashenko about economic novation

President Lukashenko about economic novation

Petrol cards, which can be used not only at petrol stations, will soon be introduced in Belarus. It is convenience for corporate entities in the first place.

It is assumed that a driver will be able to pay for using a toll road or for a room in a hotel with the help of such a card.

A range of draft regulations, which contain certain legal economic innovations, was discussed at Alexander Lukashenko’s meeting on May 2, 2017. As President Lukashenko stated, amendments to the documents will be made only if they yield real benefit. There mustn’t be any reforms for the sake of reforms.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
The presented legal enactments touch upon a rather wide range of organizations, financial structures and most importantly Belarusian citizens. For this reason, before making a decision, as I said before, it is necessary to discuss them with specialists, who drew them up. It is very important for me: what innovations are suggested and what is the essence of them, what economic and social effects for the country and people are expected, it is the main thing. How systematic the suggested documents are,

may be they will soon need to be amended and developed more, or they will be cancelled and new statutory instruments will need to be adopted.

I am emphasizing once again, no matter how popular it may seem to be heard from the President: I do not need any reforms for the sake of reforms. If any radical breaks without developing are necessary, prove it then. Nevertheless, no reforms for the sake of reforms.

An additional instrument is provided for liquidation of debts. Belarus’ organizations will obtain the right to sell them to special financial companies.

Innovations will also touch upon the circulation of tobacco products, electronic cigarettes will be equaled to them.