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Belarus’ KGB reveals crime business schemes with Transport Inspection involved

Belarus’ KGB uncovered all the schemes which led the senior management of Transport inspection to jail.

This is where trade on allowing lorries travel on the territory of foreign states was cranked out: each document cost from 50 to 120 euros.

Senior management of regional and central transport inspections

and a range of transport companies were involved into the two-year crime business.

Dmitry Pobyarzhin, head of the press service of the State Security Committee of the Republic of Belarus:
As many as 10 criminal cases have been initiated under articles 430,431 and 209 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus.

All the cases have been handed over to the Investigative Committee for further investigations.

A number of defendants in the case have been taken into custody for bribes and blackmailing offences. What is more, a system of blackmailing bribes from foreign drivers for “free passage” on the territory of Belarus has been revealed in Gomel region.

Belarus’ KGB reveals crime business schemes with Transport inspection involved