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Aliaksandra Sasnovich: My dad wanted me to play tennis

Belarusian tennis player Aliaksandra Sasnovich has given an interview to the TV program Simple Questions with Egor Khrustalev.

I know that your father was interested in tennis. We even met with him in amateur games. Was it he who wanted to turn you into a star? Or was it your conscious choice?

Aliaksandra Sasnovich, tennis player:
In fact, it was his initiative. He's been playing a lot as an amateur tennis player. And he really like tennis, he brought me there. I started as an amateur. We did not think that I would be playing tennis professionally. Because my friends... They trained with my current coach.

And dad once says: "Would you like to try, too?"

I did not appear on the court for a month, I was very shy, very shy. But one day I was just persuaded to try it. And, in fact, I really liked it. And somehow I fell in love with tennis, getting great pleasure just playing it.

I also fell in love with tennis after the Davis Cup match in 2004, when the fantastic result brought the team of Mirnyi and Voltchkov to the semifinals. I wanted to ask you if you remember that game, and then counted that you were 10 years old back then.

Aliaksandra Sasnovich, tennis player:
In fact, I remember it very well. Because I was a ball girl at that match. That morning when going to the match, I really hoped I would bring some use to our team, I liked Vladimir Voltchkov, he was one of my favorite tennis players. I thought that that match would not start without me. I seriously thought about that!

Sasnovich: I was a ball girl at Davis Cup 2004, when Belarus reached semifinals