Tourists thrilled with picnic on Augustow Canal in Belarus


Tourists thrilled with picnic on Augustow Canal in Belarus

A Belarusian picnic on April 29 officially started the tourist season on the Augustow Canal. A feast with the national colors took place at the sluice Dombrovka.

Pancakes, mochanka and krupnik - guests not only tried, but also tried to prepare these dishes.

To bake so many pancakes, Irina needed a whole day. Mushroom, cheese, poppy and honey stuffing were offered.

Irina Strelchenya, resident of the village Obukhovo:
I always remembered how my grandmother prepared these, because I grew up in the village. I sat basking on the stove, while my mom was baking pancakes. And I saw it all and remembered the recipes.

And in general I like everything that is connected with our earth.

German Viola attends such a festival for the first time. Once she studied hydraulic engineering architecture in Belarus. Now she came to evaluate it on the legendary Augustow Canal.

To her surprise, she became part of the national holiday.

Viola, tourist (Germany):
We decided to spend our first visit to Belarus here this Augustow Canal. Because we read a lot about it at home and decided to look at it.

There were a lot of interesting competitions during the picnic - like whisking butter and cottage cheese.

Speedy pancake eating competition proved one of the most entertaining.

By the way, it is potato pancakes that tourists consider the culinary symbol of Belarus. Cooking the dish is not difficult, the main thing is to use the right ingredients - potatoes grown on the Belarusian land. Then the taste will be genuine.

Svetlana Verkholaz, tourist (Russia):
In fact, we have nothing like this in Russia. We love Belarusian lard, we buy it sometimes.

But here it has a specific taste, completely Belarusian.