Minsk to host Mass Media in Belarus Exposition 2017

Minsk to host Mass Media in Belarus Exposition 2017

From legendary editions to multimedia technologies. About 100 media organizations are to partake in the specialized exhibition “Mass Media in Belarus”.

It will open in Minsk for the 21st time on May 3, 2017.

News agencies, editors, media publishing houses are invited to the exposition hall in Pobediteley Avenue to meet with their readers and viewers.

CTV Channel will be presented at the exposition hall as well.

Alexander Karliukevich, Deputy Information Minister of Belarus:
Journalists play an active part in social, public and political processes taking place in Belarus and in other countries as well. For this reason the Information Ministry of Belarus and President Lukashenko’s Administration raise the question of comparing notes, coordinates, and the system of social and political responsibility of

a person working with words and who influences the heads of information consumers.

Russian Mass Media are invited to the exposition as well. The special guest is China. A weekly press tour will be organized for as many as 40 Chinese news agencies in Belarus.