International caravanner meeting underway at former Minsk-1 airport


International caravanner meeting underway at former Minsk-1 airport

The international caravanner meeting is underway at the former Minsk-1 airport. Participants settle in small vehicle houses with their children and whole families.

Tourists from 15 countries arrived in Minsk. These days Belarus is hosting an international meeting of caravanners. These are such automobile travelers, who travel around the world in special trailers.

By the way, all of them received free visas to Belarus for 20 days, which makes it possible for them to find out the whole Belarus, not only Minsk. The decision was made specifically by the Belarusian President.

Sergey Arzamastsev, caravanner:
Actually, the road from Minsk to Moscow takes about 7 hours, but we decided to extend this pleasure. For us when you leave the house and get into the car it's already a holiday... To travel with your family...

Every five minutes the landscape changes and we can afford to stop whenever we want, do whatever we want. We love this freedom of choice, freedom of decision-making is very important.

This is already the fourth such meeting of caravanners. While only three countries took part in a similar event in 2014, now there are 15 countries involved.

Andrey Makarov, caravanner, Latvia:
Here we have a window - 3-5 days. We're going anywhere. Where? Spain? Why not? Or France, We don't depend on anything.

Germany, Finland, France, Poland, Russia, Moldova, Ukraine, Estonia - the geography of the meeting is impressive. These people find a common language in a couple of minutes and immediately introduce each other with their tourist traditions. 

After all, a camping camp is a whole subculture for campers.

An experienced caravanner always feels comfortable in any place. All tents need to have a gas cylinder and an electric generator.