State Awards of Belarus given to prominent citizens

State Awards of Belarus given to prominent citizens

There are a lot of energetic and talented people in Belarus. Their achievements are not left without attention. Last Friday, the awards found their heroes. President Lukashenko honored people who had distinguished themselves thanks to their labor and creative achievements in various fields. Our correspondent Alena Syrova introduces some of them.

Each of the 37 persons invited the Palace of Independence to receive the State Awards had long ago proved professionalism and dedication to their favorite occupations.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
I wish that you did not stop, you must now set an example. I often say this to our great athletes. I told Vika [tennis player Victoria Azarenka]: you reached the height - it's good, but now you have to teach at least one person so that he or she reaches the same heights. That would be a gift for the country: when you yourself performed the feat, and even helped a few other people to make the same feat.

Already a few hours after the delivery of the high state award Yuri Ostrovsky took off his festive costume and replaced it with the usual white coat.

Yuri Ostrovsky, head of laboratory of heart surgery of the Republican Scientific and Practical Center "Cardiology", the Ministry of Health of Belarus:
The award is certainly nice, because it is given by the President; this is prestigious and very pompous, great, looks good, but behind this, of course, is a big job, and not only mine.

His name is synonymous with Belarusian transplantation science and current State Prize is the second of his career.

Yuri Ostrovsky:
Last year we did 46 transplants, including a very unique surgery - transplantation of the "heart-lungs" complex at the same time, it was in November 2016.We operated on 14 foreign nationals. They all went home, everyone is alive. It makes us very happy.

Anastasia Moskvina - the People's Artist of Belarus - says that the award is an incentive to be even better.

Anastasia Moskvina, People's Artist of Belarus, soloist of the National Academic Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theater of the Republic of Belarus:
Because it is additional responsibility. You go on stage, you're the People's Artist of Belarus, you are the winner of the State Prize. And you cannot show bad results (it does not matter whether you feel good or bad); you don't even belong to yourself.

You have to be confident, and at the same time critical to what you're doing. We today sing some part, but for centuries there were a lot of singers, a lot of musicians who played the same music, and did it at a higher level. Of course, we must strive to grow and learn. We are always learning.

He does not touch the hearts physically and often do not even see his counterparts. Vladimir Kondrusevich is perhaps the most theatrical composer.

Vladimir Kondrusevich, composer:
I am very calm to awards, although, of course, it's nice, your work is noticed. But most importantly, it seems to me that these were decent works, because people feel when your efforts are true, sincere.

"Macbeth," "The Glass of Water", "Biker", "Sofya Golshanskaya" four years ago. This is only the beginning of the list of his works. He was not accustomed to rest on our laurels, even if he received the award only 24 hours ago.

Vladimir Kondrusevich, composer:
I am looking for a good story related to Belarus. I would like to write another musical, but for now there are problems with the plot.

When your work is part of your soul, you definitely are doing the right thing in your life.

Anastasia Moskvina:
I think it is the recognition of the audience, when at the end of the play you go on stage to bow. And this is exactly the moment when you know whether you succeeded today or not.

Yuri Ostrovsky:
The point between "you have not yet reached it" and "you will reach it" is the moment of happiness. Many times did I pass it on to various operations. This principle remains for me the most obvious.