Extracorporal fertilization to be public funded in Belarus?

Extracorporal fertilization to be public funded in Belarus?

Doctors will help women to become mothers using extracorporal fertilization for the cost of public funds. It is planned that amendments will be made to the law on assisted reproductive technology. The final decision hasn’t been made yet, but new approaches are already being discussed by specialists.

A medical congress was held in Minsk on April 27, 2017, which was dedicated to the problems of reproduction. There are many factors which influence the procreation process. However, it does not only depend on a woman’s health, but on the health of a man as well. As for the new developments of doctors, they are used in Belarus and they are rather successful.

Konstantin Vilchuk, director of the National Research Center “ Mother and Child”:
The issue discussed today concerns financing within the extracorporal fertilization program in Belarus. It is a known fact that one can get a loan in the bank for having such a procedure done. Certain quotas are allocated in a range of countries.

Igor Lositskiy, Deputy Health Minister of the Republic of Belarus:
Extracorporal fertilization is the last option. There is a suggestion from the World Health Organization to reconsider difficult prenatal care, maternity care, and following the process.

It is necessary to say that the international meeting, which has gathered specialists from dozens of countries, is held for the first time. Advances of Belarusian specialists working at the National Research Center “Mother and Child” gained world fame.