Alexander Lukashenko: Belarus and Moldova maintained good relations in the most difficult times


Alexander Lukashenko: Belarus and Moldova maintained good relations in the most difficult times

Belarus and Moldova intend to develop bilateral dialogue. This was stated on April 28 at the meeting of Alexander Lukashenko with Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Moldova to Belarus, who is completing his mission in Belarus.

The President noted that the relations of the countries are coming to a qualitatively new level. Economic indicators are gradually improving. Political cooperation is also deepening. In general, Alexander Lukashenko praised the work of Moldovan diplomacy in Belarus.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Moldova is similar to Belarus in terms of its economy. We earn thanks to our labor. Both we and you. Both now and then. Therefore we are bound to live together, to be friends. And in the most difficult times, we maintained good relations. And even when it was not profitable to marketers probably we still were like brothers. And you're the ambassador, who, based on this concept, built relations with our authorities, built relations between Belarus and Ukraine. And so, of course, I'm sorry that you're leaving. Belarus is always open for you. You have done a lot for better development of our relations, for more intense relationship. And as for the visas... You know my attitude. I am categorically against any barriers. Everything has to be open, we have to communicate, trust each other.

Gheorghe Hioară, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Moldova to the Republic of Belarus:
Belarus is a friendly and fraternal country for us. Fraternal. That says it all. Because I know the opinions of my fellow countrymen, what they think, how they feel about Belarus. And it is unmatched. If we in Moldova carried out an opinion poll asking whom they would choose among allies I am sure they would choose Belarus in the first place.

At a meeting at the Palace of Independence, the sides talked about integration issues at a broader level. Chisinau is holding talks on association with the EU. However, the president of Moldova Igor Dodon insists on maintaining ties with the former Soviet Union countries too. In confirmation, Moldova received observer status in the Eurasian Economic Union at the recent summit in Bishkek. In this format, the official Chisinau counts on the support of Belarus.