Experts on April 26 meeting of Belarusian and Ukrainian presidents


Experts on April 26 meeting of Belarusian and Ukrainian presidents

Despite the difficult situation that is emerging these days in the European region, Belarus has managed not only to maintain peace and tranquility in the country, but also remain a peacemaker. We are talking about the assistance of the Belarusian state in resolving the conflict in the south-east of Ukraine.

Meeting with President of Belarus Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko said: "Minsk agreements" still remain a single way to solve the Ukrainian issue.

Alexander Lukashenko met with Petro Poroshenko on the anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster on April 26. The Belarusian leader previously met with the Ukrainian counterpart more than two years ago. There were a lot of telephone conversations between the presidents during this time.

Petro Poroshenko, Ukraine President:
It is very important for us that the Belarusian and Ukrainian borders always be the border of friendship, good-neighborliness, reliable partnership, the border of peace.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
We as soon as possible need to stop the internecine squabbles, stop the armed conflict and stop looking warily at each other. We have a beautiful golden land, on which our people have always lived in prosperity.

Yauheni Preiherman, political analyst:
Energy cooperation between Belarus and Ukraine is a long-debated topic. Starting from the transportation of crude oil here, for recycling at the Mozyr Oil Refinery. Another long debated topic is cooperation in the field of electricity production, reselling it to third countries.

The humanitarian vector of cooperation is also obvious. However, the peaceful resolution of the conflict in Ukraine, lies in our economic interests, state experts.

Georgy Grits, Deputy Director of the Center of System Analysis and Strategic Research of the National Academy of Sciences:
Ukraine committed themselves to implement EU standards since they received the association status in the European Union. That's why our engineers have to adapt our machinery for both standards.

After a certain decrease, the volume of mutual trade are now growing. In 2016, Ukraine became Belarus' second largest trading partner of Belarus in terms of trade and export. In January-February 2017, an increase of 40% was observed. The prospects are much more impressive. Media of Ukraine have already discussed the most promising projects.

Media headlines:
"Lukashenko: Belarus is ready to assist Ukraine in the creation of a biosphere reserve in the Chernobyl zone."

"FROM ENGINEERING TO ELECTRICITY: Poroshenko and Lukashenko agree to expand markets. Ukraine plans to sell electricity to Belarus and Belarusians will build roads in Ukraine."

"Lukashenko to Poroshenko: Ukrainians are Belarusians' brothers. We can come to you only on tractors [not on tanks - note by]. Belarus will work only for peace in Ukraine.

"Nobody will ever draw Belarus into war against Ukraine" - Poroshenko with Lukashenko".