Minsk remains invariable platform for peaceful solution to Ukrainian crisis


Minsk remains invariable platform for peaceful solution to Ukrainian crisis

Belarus will work only for peace in Ukraine, said Alexander Lukashenko during a meeting with Petro Poroshenko. Minsk remains the invariable platform to search for peaceful solutions to the Ukrainian crisis.

A meeting of the trilateral contact group is being held in the Belarus capital right now.

In particular, the sides of the negotiation process discuss the last events in the Donbass - the death of the OSCE representative, power outage in the Luhansk region, and, of course, the implementation of the Minsk agreements, thanks to which the east of Ukraine retained albeit fragile, but all the same peace.

Donbass is a delicate matter. East Ukraine today is one of the busiest points of geopolitical gravity. The conflict that erupted in the spring of 2014 has not yet been resolved, but the hot stage remained behind when the leaders of the four countries - Germany, Russia, Ukraine and France - sat at the table of negotiations in Minsk. The document consisting of 12 rules cooled hotheads on both sides of the fence.

Vladislav Froltsov, political scientist:
The main outcome of the Minsk peace process is that today there are no active military operations in Ukraine, which has the most positive effect on the stability in the region.

On the whole, Belarus is doing everything possible so that the political quarrels of Ukraine have a happy ending.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Ukraine is not only our neighbor, is our sister country, the fraternal people. We have welcomed more than 160,000 displaced persons, we are ready to continue to contribute to the difficult negotiations, because it is already reflected in the life of our people and the functioning of our state.

The only point where Kiev and the unrecognized republic are stuck is local elections. Their conduct in the light of the Minsk-2 agreements is the cornerstone of conflict resolution.

The process of conflict resolution is slow, yet international experts and politicians are calling to finish the Minsk resolutions. There are no other tools.

Sergei Kizima, political analyst:
We need a consolidation of the world community. We need it to understand that the Minsk agreement is the only possible way to resolve the crisis, a very difficult situation on the territory of Ukraine.