Dunin-Marcinkiewicz chapel funeral took place near Minsk


Dunin-Marcinkiewicz chapel funeral took place near Minsk

The chapel near Minsk, where Vincent Dunin-Marcinkiewicz funeral took place, looks abandoned today. The architectural monument has been standing on a rural cemetery for more than a century and a half and has only now become a tourist spot.

Dmitry Boyarovich, CTV:
This place looks like a very dilapidated building. In fact, it is the chapel in which 130 years ago a funeral ceremony for the famous Belarusian playwright Vincent Dunin-Marcinkiewicz was held. But now it seems this story has become covered with a large layer of dust.

Pieces of cellophane, traces of birds and unstable crossbeams. Windows have appeared here only recently. Parishioners don't want to put up with this situation. For them, the burial vault has always been sacred.

Genavefa Tarnalitskaya:
Tourists came here. We would like this place to be beautiful. And these people went inside and looked. Even the design of the chapel matches that described by our Belarusian writer.

This is our history, after all, and we need this place to be in order.

Genavefa complains: she cannot do it all on her own. But no one wants to help the woman. Local authorities respond to her letters with only promises. The village executive committee explains that the chapel belongs to the Catholic paraphy. They also say that the burial place of the classic writer looks decently.

Alla Shimanskaya, managing director of the Ivenets rural executive committee:
If this woman wants this, let her do it on her own. They only demand that we do something. One thing is when a person demands something, and the other thing is that "I want something". We, humans, want a lot.

Firstly, we do not have money for repairs, we are budgetary organization. We are allocated certain funds, and that's all we have.

District authorities also know about the problem. They say they look after the cemetery together with volunteers, trade union organizations, sponsors and priests. For example, after the holidays, they will hold another voluntary working campaign. And this is not all.

Anna Kononovich, chief specialist for ideology, culture and youth affairs, department of the Volozhinsky district executive committee:
This year we are looking for an opportunity to purchase paint, since it is quite expensive repairs, more than $1,000.

We have already collected these funds with the help of sponsorship organizations and private entrepreneurs.

We plan to paint the walls. We will decorate this chapel. I think that we will succeed. We will not leave this work undone.