Orsha Tool Making Plant to be modernized

Orsha Tool Making Plant to be modernized

The technical re-equipment of the Orsha Tool Plant will give new opportunities for the development of both the enterprise itself and the town as a whole. Its products are in demand today, not only in Belarus, but also on the external markets.

However, the Orsha enterprise cannot yet compete with world brands. Alexander Lukashenko paid attention to this in his State of the Nation Address. The head of state called for an analysis of the current situation and demanded that this company be put in order.

The major problem for the enterprise is outdated equipment. The auxiliary and cutting tools for metalworking machines are in demand on the world market today.

Sergei Matyushevsky, Deputy Director for Development of Orsha Tool Plant:
We already have a concrete business plan. But there are slight difficulties in terms of selecting the source of funding. Frankly, we already need help.

In the best years, almost 3,000 people worked at Orsha Tool Plant, while today their number is less than 500. The working team needs to be preserved.

Anastasia But, CTV:
According to preliminary estimates, $62 million is needed for modernization. And this is despite the fact that Belarus imported $31 million worth of these products in 2015.

According to the business plan, the Orsha Tool Making Plant will produce details worth $17 million dollars a year.

Thus it will partially meet own market demand and export the rest to the Russian Federation. There are no doubts in the payback ability of this project.

Director Vladimir Troitsky initiated the technical modernization. Earlier he was in charge of Orsha Aircraft Repair Plant. He lifted from the knees not only the enterprise itself, but also launched the production of the first Belarusian serial Mi-8 helicopter. The vehicle broke the world record flying higher than Everest.

Vladimir Troitsky, director of Orsha Tool Plant:
It is necessary to fill it with new content, with new technologies, the most modern ones. The task is to build the most modern enterprise, of the 5th innovation wave.

This means we need high-performance equipment, energy-saving and very accurate.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
What is the outcome? It is necessary to modernize this enterprise. There is our foundation. The main thing is that there are people there and there are premises. If we need to buy and put new machines there - it's inexpensive if we do it in an organized way. If we don't kickback or take bribes and so on. It will be quite inexpensive.

«Согласно бизнес-плану Оршанский инструментальный будет производить детали на 17 миллионов долларов в год»

The head of state spoke about a specific plant and also about the life of the Orsha region in general.

Yuri Motin, a resident of Orsha:
I would very much like this formerly famous plant not to disappear. I would like it to get a new life.

Elena Fedosova, a resident of Orsha:
The production sector will develop, investment will come and the transport structure will develop.

Thus new jobs will be created, which is the most important thing for our region.

The Vitebsk regional executive committee, together with the Belarus government, will search for ways to resolve the difficult issue. By the way, in May, the Council of Ministers will hold an off-site session in Orsha, where it will consider in detail the development strategy of the entire region.