New types of tickets to appear in Minsk entertainment parks


New types of tickets to appear in Minsk entertainment parks

Vladimir Babivsky, Chief Engineer of Minskzelenstroi organization, which runs Minsk’s parks, has given an interview to the CTV channel. Among other things he said about the possible modernization of Minsk park rides.

Vladimir Babivsky, Chief Engineer of UE  Minskzelenstroi:
There is a big desire to update the amusement park, to change the concept of work and the ways of selling tickets in parks. Now we are working closely with one of design organizations.

We plan to automate the registration and passage of ride visitors in parks.

New samples of entrance tickets will be used. It is planned that tickets can be purchased in any corner of the park. People will get an opportunity to purchase tickets on mobile devices. Special scanning devices will be installed, which will allow you to read information from either mobile phones or paper copies. Systems of modern QR encoding and encryption on tickets will be introduced. Tickets will take effect not only on the day of their purchase, but during the whole season of rides. We want to introduce a system of regular customers’ cards. Parents can give these cards to their children or use them themselves. You can have some money on these cards and you don’t have to stand in lines to buy tickets; you can just use these magnetic cards.

When is it planned to implement this system?

Vladimir Babivsky:
I'm afraid to promise you the exact date, but this is my goal, my dream.

This is the dream of our CEO that we will do it in one-two years.

The project works is underway. We hope that we will complete the project this year, and we will have a basis for realizing all these ideas. And I think we will see some options next year. The park Chelyuskintsev bumper cars ride has such test equipment. We will see the effectiveness of this work already in 2017.