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Presidents of Belarus, Ukraine honor memory of deceased Chernobyl liquidators

Belarus marks the day of remembering victims of the most tragic disasters in the history of mankind on April 26, 2017. As many as 31 years ago the news about the blast at Chernobyl Nuclear Plant shook the world. As a result nearly all European countries were affected, Belarus suffered most of all. The damage caused to Belarus is estimated at hundreds of billions of dollars, and Belarus is still overcoming the consequences of the national ecological disaster.

Alexander Lukashenko arrived in Chernobyl today, and together with Petro Poroshenko is taking part in memorable events. Belarus and Ukraine need to strengthen cooperation concerning the Chernobyl issue. It was stated by President Lukashenko to the journalists after visiting Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. Together with his Ukrainian colleague, Alexander Lukashenko honored the memory of the deceased Chernobyl liquidators.

The two presidents laid baskets of flowers to the Waal of Remembrance at the Chernobyl Heroes Memorial. Granit tablets with names of the people who died during the accident elimination at the fourth Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant unit are on the perimeter of the memorial complex.

Presidents Lukashenko and Poroshenko will hold talks today as well. They will be held on the territory of Belarus. The main questions of discussion will concern economy and politics, attention will be paid to the peaceful settlement of the conflict in the southeast of Ukraine.

Presidents of Belarus, Ukraine honor memory of deceased Chernobyl liquidators