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Medicinal herb plantations may appear in Vitebsk Region

Mysteries of Chinese medicine on Vitebsk land. Plantations of medicinal herbs may appear in Vitebsk region with the participation of Chinese investors. Vitebsk received a delegation from the Chinese province of Shandong. The guests got acquainted with the ecological potential of Belarus. Commercial and investment proposals have been made to the Chinese delegation for a more detailed study.

The perspectives of cooperation of Belarus and China are huge. For instance, the largest power station in Belarus near Vitebsk was built with the participation of Chinese funding.

Oleg Matskevich, Deputy Chairman of the Vitebsk Regional Executive Committee:
We have a platform in Bolbasova where a project has been developed. A transport and logistic, and a multimodal center is being built there. This center will not only transship goods, but it will produce these goods, including Chinese products. That is why we aim at having partners from this Chinese province. What is more, we understand the market near them. It’s Korea and Japan.

The commodity circulation of Vitebsk region and China exceeded 120 million dollars in 2016. Belarus exported rape oil, leather, glass fiber, timber and flax to China.