Belarusian tourists involved in road accident in Poland

Belarusian tourists involved in road accident in Poland

A coach with Belarusian tourists got into an accident at dawn in Poland. The bus was returning back to Grodno from a trip to Prague. As many as 20 passengers needed medical aid. Some of them remain in critical condition in a clinic.

A coach with 43 Belarusian tourists was sent to a ditch on the A2 Polish Motorway at 3:30 am last night. The incident happened near Zawada of Łódź Voivodeship (also known as Łódź Province). A couple of fire brigades and eight ambulances arrived at the accident site. One of the injured, who had serious head and chest injuries, was delivered to hospital by a helicopter.

According to the latest information, 17 people got injured.

Adam Kalaza, commissar:
When we arrived at the accident site, the condition of two people was particularly critical; they needed emergency hospitalization with special care.

It took Polish rescuers some time to get to the people trapped in the coach. Most of the passengers were asleep when the accident happened. According to a Polish TV channel, something similar to a blast was heard before the accident information will be investigated by Polish experts.

Aneta Sobieraj, information officer of Łódź Voivodeship police:
The 49 year-old coach driver is in critical condition. He was transported to hospital on a helicopter. He got serious injuries. Another 18 people were urgently hospitalized as well, five of them are in a state of moderate severity, and the condition of another person is very serious. Some of the accident victims still feel faint.

The rescue efforts lasted for a couple of hours. The traffic on the motorway was limited For this reason a 4 kilometer traffic jam occurred on the way to Warsaw. Al the injured (there are from 17 to 20 of them) were taken into hospitals of Łódź and Warsaw. According to the Polish Mass Media the driver told the police t he did not fall asleep and remembers the moment of the accident. He also said that at some point the control over the coach was lost. The Polish police say that the driver was not drunk. The Belarusian Embassy in Poland and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are keeping track of the situation and are in constant contact with Polish doctors and police.