Future development of electronic healthcare in Belarus

Future development of electronic healthcare in Belarus

Words prefixed with electro- are used by Belarusians more and more often today. Electronic pupils’ mark books, electronic queue in hospitals, electronic recipes prescribed by doctors... The other day, the Minister of Health of the Republic of Belarus promised to provide all ambulance doctors with portable tablets that allow learning a patient’s medical history on the way to this person.

Egor Mertvetsov, district physician of the 39 Minsk clinic hospital:
Tablets contain all the necessary information such as full name, address, reason for call.

Belarusian doctors are only starting using tablets in their work. It was decided to test a pilot project on base of one of Minsk hospitals.

Electronic healthcare will be developed with the help of the World Bank’s loans. The project will work in full in 2022. All patients’ medical cards and medical histories will be digitized. Every Belarusian doctor will have access to this information. A unified information platform will be created, and a number of electronic services will be based on it. For example, a personal account of a patient.

Semyon Polyakov, Head of the Department of Organizational and Methodological and System Technical Support of Informatization of Public Health of the Republican Research and Practice Centre of Medical Technologies:
Patients will have an opportunity to make an appointment with a doctor, to call a doctor and to form an extract.

Vladimir Lapitski, Deputy General Director of Research of the State Scientific Institution “The United Institute of Informatics Problems of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus”:
According to experts, Belarusian healthcare system will enter the top 20 European countries.