Golden Collection of Belarusian Songs has already started with sold-out show in Soligorsk

Golden Collection of Belarusian Songs has already started with sold-out show in Soligorsk

A grandiose project of the CTV channel “Golden Collection of Belarusian Songs” started in a new format in the Palace of Culture in Soligorsk on April 18, 2017. The best hits, honored artists of Belarus and dance groups really pleased the residents of Soligorsk. This is the first concert of the big tour around Belarus.

A friendly team of the CTV Channel began preparations long before the concert began. The preparation lasted several months. New sound recordings were recorded; unusual duets and concert acts were prepared. Two buses with artists went to Soligorsk in the morning on the day of the concert. There were rehearsals all day long. Artists rehearsed each concert number several times. The director, the sound producer, operators and other members of the crew have been working all day to please not only the residents of Soligorsk, but also TV viewers from other towns of Belarus. We will see a bright show on TV screens at 20:30 on April 30 thanks to these people.The concert began exactly at 19:00. The audience was singing and supporting artists with applause the whole concert. There were such People's Artists of Belarus as Anatol Yarmolenko, Yadviga Popalvskaya, Nikolai Skorikov, such honored artists of Belarus as Nadezhda Mikulich, Vladimir Provalinsky, Irina Dorofeeva, Natalya Tamela, Victoria Aleshko, Alena Lanskaya on the stage in Soligorsk.

Favorite songs were sung together with the audience by such ensembles as “Pesniary”, “Verasy”, “Čaraunica” (Sorcerer) and “Čysty Holas” (Clear Voice), by such young artists as Sasha Nemo, Alexei Khlestov, Anastasia Tikhanovich, while the trio "Krasotki" prepared interesting arrangements of Belarusian songs of the 20th century. Duets Anna Sharkunova and Herman, Anzhelika Pushnova and Andrei Kolosov, Janet and Evgeny Dolich sang songs of the 80’s and 90’s in a new way. Young artists, the winners of national and international competitions Nina Zhukovskaya, Anatol Yarmolenko Jr and Katerina Shumskaya restored the songs of Belarusian authors with special care.The concert number of Dmitry Korolev, who dedicated the performance of the song “Autumn in Versailles” to the late writer and singer Alexander Tikhanovich, was very touching.The audience saw not only Belarusian singers, but also those thanks to whom these songs appeared. People's Artists of Belarus, composers Eduard Zaritsky, Vasil Rainchik and Valery Ivanov, Oleg Elissenkov, Sergei Sukhomlin, Oleg Molchan, Svyatoslav Poznyak, Gennady Markevich, poets Leonid Dranko-Maysyuk and Fedor Borovoi went on the stage together with the singers. Moreover, many songs were accompanied by the best dance groups of Belarus.

In total, 35 concert numbers were presented, and the concert lasted more than two hours.By the way, all the tickets were sold out a week before the concert. The concert hall of Soligorsk was crowded; there were no empty seats at all. The audience gave a standing ovation and didn't want to let the musicians leave the stage.

This is just the beginning of a grandiose tour. The next concerts will take place in Gomel on May 18 and in Bobruisk on June 7.