Belarus checks signals troops responsible for government communications

Belarus checks signals troops responsible for government communications

The Belarus KGB's 14th signals regiment responsible for government communications has been checked.

By order of the Belarusian head of state, the squad was put on full combat readiness last Monday.

According to the plan of the drills, the troops were to deploy field units in unprepared areas and provide top-level government with uninterrupted secret telephone communication.

In addition to traditional telephony for such exercises, closed video conferencing was also launched. Communication specialists received new opportunities after a new system of digital data transmission was introduced.

Valery Gorshkov, commander of the 14th regiment of the governmental communication of the KGB of Belarus:
Any checkup reveals a number of problematic issues, a number of shortcomings. This test also revealed a number of issues that need to be addressed more closely taking into account the communications trends.

We need to improve interaction, as well as take into account modern conditions that dictate the political situation and the development of modern armed conflicts. All these issues were clarified during the drills, and conclusions were drawn. And this shows us the way of improvement in the future.

During the exercise, interaction with the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Emergency Situations was practiced for the first time.