10,000th visa-free tourist visits Belarus


10,000th visa-free tourist visits Belarus

The 10,000th visa-free tourist was met in Belarus' Grodno on April 21.

Zinaida from Vilnius became the 10,000th visa-free tourist in Belarus.

She was handed a symbolic gift and wished a good holiday. The woman admitted that she learned about a visa-free regime in Belarus by chance and could not but take advantage of that. The last time she visited our country was more than 25 years ago, and this is her first time in Grodno. She plans to visit monuments and churches.

Zinaida, tourist (Lithuania):
We decided to come. And it is so unexpected and very pleased that I am the 10,000th tourist. We are very pleased that we can now come here just when we want, without a visa.

The Grodno region has become popular with foreigners soon after the introduction of visa-free zone - the export of tourist services grew by more than $70,000. In the summer, this figure could be even more.

In February 2017, Belarus introduced a visa-free regime for residents of 80 countries. For now you can enter the country visa-free only at the National Airport Minsk.