Golden Collection of Belarusian Songs begins Belarus tour in Soligorsk

Golden Collection of Belarusian Songs begins Belarus tour in Soligorsk

Whatever French say, they try to talk about it in French. They love their language, care about its purity, the French considered one of the most beautiful and melodic in the world. But the Belarusian language is also good. We've recently cited UNESCO data, according to which the Belarusian language is one of the best in the world in terms of its melodic beauty. And it is confirmed by the mobile festival "Golden Collection of Belarusian Songs" organized by the CTV channel. A concert in Soligorsk was successfully held this week. Our correspondent Anastasia Benedisyuk has more on the event.

This week Belarusian singers were really on fire and it was almost impossible to keep audience on their seats. Here masters of the Belarusian stage were next to quite young but promising stars. They offered their versions of Belarusian hits of the past.

Vasily Rainchik, People's Artist of Belarus:
The collection is so large! All concerts are different, very good, beautiful.

Anastasia Tikhanovich, singer:
All these songs we recall together today will sound in a new way.

Burlakova-Yarmolenko and Martynenko-Oleshko were presenters at the concert. Victoria Oleshko made a debut in this quality.

Victoria Oleshko, singer:
Wonderful audience, warm applause and a standing ovation. I rejoice in it.

Two hours of pleasure. The audience met favorite artists with a standing ovation. The song "Autumn in Versailles" was dedicated to the late People's Artist Alexander Tikhanovich. During the song, some in the hall had tears in their eyes.

For the first time, the concert "Golden Collection of Belarusian Songs" took place back in 2011 in Minsk. The concerts were held at Minsk's Palace of the Republic and the Palace of Sports. In 2016, the concert took place in the then cultural capital of Belarus Molodechno.

On 18 May the concert will be held in Gomel and on 7 June in Bobruisk. Further concerts are planned in 2017 too. In those concerts, there will be not only singers but also the authors and composers of the legendary Belarusian hits.