Belarusian scientists develop new antitumor drugs

Belarusian scientists develop new antitumor drugs

According to statistics, fight against oncological disease is given special attention in Belarus. One of the directions is development of original antitumor drugs. Belarusian scientists achieved impressive results in this area.

Meds marked “Made in Belarus” help patients to get closer to long-awaited recovery. Serious and demanding work on the creation of medicaments is going on under sterile conditions. A complete cycle of making antitumor drugs (from synthesis of pharmaceutical substance (it’s a chemical compound that heals) to the finished product) takes place in the Scientific and Production Centre.

Thanks to the efforts of Belarusian scientists Belarusian medicines are as good as imported ones and sometimes can be even superior in their purity.

Besides, a therapeutic effect of Belarusian medicines is impressive: almost 80% of patients start feeling better.

It’s very important to reveal antitumor properties of the medicines and to mitigate their side effects at the same time. Belarusian scientists can accomplish this task.

Specialists from the Institute of Physical Organic Chemistry of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus have managed to develop chemotherapy enhancers.  Developments of Belarusian scientists in the treatment of oncological diseases give thousands of patients hope for recovery. These are not ordinary pills churned out; these are real pharmaceutical exclusives.