Belarus President: Foreign policy should help build a strong economy


Belarus President: Foreign policy should help build a strong economy

Foreign policy must help build a strong economy, said the Belarus President in his State of the Nation Address on April 21. Alexander Lukashenko noted that the country seeks cooperation with many states. And here the main thing is the principles of equality and respect.

Long-standing friendship with Russia has led to the strategic nature of these relations. In many respects this is thanks to the personal friendship of the leaders of both states. But lately, Belarus has been engaged in quite an active dialogue with distant states, for example, with China.

By the way, another visit to China at the highest level will give a new economic impulse to the relations.

It is planned that in May Alexander Lukashenko will meet with Xi Jinping and take part in the international forum One Belt - One Way.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Our goal is to expand full-scale relations with the states of the so-called 'distant arc'. There, we need like-minded people, reliable partners. The deepening of economic cooperation, lively trade with the states of distant regions is an important condition for the Belarusian economy, which heavily relies on export. The agreement on a free trade zone with Vietnam that came into force lately also opens new opportunities. Negotiations on signing the same documents are underway with Iran. Next in turn are India and Egypt.

By the way, the results of the recent official visit to Egypt and Sudan once again clearly demonstrated that if one works systematically and consistently in these markets work, the result will not be long in coming. And many projects are already being implemented. Many. And I am not only talking about the supply of our food and something else. We have already started to create joint ventures there. But, again, this does not mean that the President should take the government with him and then push them from behind all the time. We must quickly resolve these issues. There are not many free places left in this world, as I said.

Our foreign policy activities should be aimed at solving the most important tasks - building a strong competitive economy. It is such economy that is the main condition of the country's independence and the main factor of its national security.