Mogilev to look like Paris and Berlin after renovation

Mogilev to look like Paris and Berlin after renovation

Mogilev will change greatly after extensive renovation.

The Belarus President has signed a new version of the general plan of the city’s development.

The city of Mogilev is to change its image by 2025 to be more attractive and comfortable.

Vladimir Skachek, head city architect:
The city will have its image that is to be impressive, inimitable and memorable. Everything is to start here, on the right bank of the Dnieper.

This site, a historical part of the city, is of great interest.

The city has plans to reconstruct its historic buildings

on the right bank of the Dnieper,

with the original layout of streets to be preserved.

The opposite bank of the Dnieper will have a new residential area, a recreation area and a sports complex. There is already a mini-golf area and those for field hockey and gorodki (a Russian game similar to skittles) are to appear soon.

Vladimir Skachek:
Various functional park zones for sport, wedding photo sessions, recreation, children and mothers with babies are planned.

The park will meet the needs of people with various interests.

The building concept alteration is under the supervision of the Belarus President.

Elena Barashkova, Mogilev resident:

I do not like my native city as its layout leaves much to be desired.

Saulius Varnas, Mogilev resident:

I believe there may be more green zones. We have a pedestrian street but there might be more.

Vladimir Ermolenko, Mogilev resident:
There are not enough recreation areas. Frankly, young people would like to have more sites to stroll.

The greatest expectations of Mogilev residents are a water park and a residential complex with parking and a playground. However, the designs are in need of investors.

Mogilev will celebrate its 750th anniversary in 2017 and the plan is to accomplish a lot by that date.

Yury Prokopenko, reporter:

Mogilev will have a new tourist attraction.

An entrance arch, 18 meters high, will be erected at the roundabout towards Minsk.

With the new image, Mogilev will look somewhat like Berlin and Paris.