President Lukashenko promises to liberalize business climate

President Lukashenko promises to liberalize business climate

On April 21, the President addressed the Belarusian people and the National Assembly. One of the points of Belarus' economic growth is the emancipation of business initiative.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
One of the most important tasks is the intensification of business initiative. Today, it's not easy for economic entities to compete in the market. There are a number of objective reasons: beginning from the heavy mechanisms of market regulation and ending with the personal qualities of businessmen. I have repeatedly said: not everyone has entrepreneurial skills. Here in Belarus, everyone dreams of becoming rich businessmen from university or even school. I already warned. I do not know for sure, but there is world statistics which counted how many people can become businessmen. Only one in hundreds or even thousands. 

Going into business first of all think about whether or not you have the skills required.

Have you acquired the necessary skills and did you train well, do you really want to work in this business? This is very difficult, especially since our society does not have much business skills. People don't like the rich.

On the other hand, we now really have a lot of administrative barriers.

They inhibit any business initiative. As I was reported, a person needs to complete about 12 administrative procedures in order to open a small cafe. This takes at least about six months. But in fact during this time this businessman could work and create jobs for others.

It's not all well in the construction sector either. To get decisions of an executive committee on the provision of land for construction, business entities have to wait a year and a half, or even more. We must seriously review the work of controlling bodies. There must be no excess checks paralyzing businesses.

It is necessary to do for businesses as much as they need to function properly. So that these businesses can start and work without looking back and understand that no one will illegally come and start asking for bribes. This must be done first of all. And in this regard, you can count on my support. We will remove that oppression. I guarantee we will do that! But it's businesses that must then bear responsibility for everything.