Belarusians discussing President's State of the Nation Address

Belarusians discussing President's State of the Nation Address

On April 21, the Belarus President made his annual State of the Nation Address to the people and the National Assembly. Ordinary Belarusians are also discussing the address. As always, the President touched on many issues that concern everyone. The CTV Channel asked passers-by about their opinion on the President's address.

Ordinance number 3 in the previous form virtually destroyed competition among employers, because they had no incentive to create additional, better conditions for the people. In my opinion, the ordinance must exist but in a more sophisticated and more elaborate form.

In general, to force people to work is a good idea. The main thing is that this work is decent and is paid decently.

In my opinion, everyone should understand that if they want to live decently they need to work.

There are no price hikes, moreover there are often discounts. There are, of course, some prices that have risen, but in general it's fine.

How much did the square meter cost? $1,200-$1,100? If it is $500, it's great, I think.

We will bring you more thesis of the President's State of the Nation Address in our upcoming releases. The TV version of the Address will be aired at 21:00 (Belarusian time) on air Belarusian TV channels.