Alexander Lukashenko: Belarus' priority is a strong and competitive economy

Alexander Lukashenko: Belarus' priority is a strong and competitive economy

Building of a strong and competitive economy is a priority of Belarus, said President Alexander Lukashenko on 21 April addressing his annual address to the Belarusian people and the National Assembly.

The State of the Nation Address is primarily a great opportunity to get a complete picture of the development priorities of Belarus at least for the current year. During these speeches, the Belarus head of state raises the most urgent and topical issues.

Today, the President began his speech from international politics.

The number of armed conflicts in the world is growing. This, of course, cannot but cause concern. World politics very much affects even the national economy, especially if this economy is open in its nature.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Fundamental transformation is taking place in the global economy. It cannot be otherwise, because politics, global politics significantly affects the economy. The two processes are interdependent. Along with powerful social and economic challenges and imbalances there emerge new cooperation projects with an open architecture. Such as the economic belt Silk Road. Belarus cannot stand aside from these processes,

and we have become one of the key platforms of the new Silk Road in the Eurasian region.

Especially this is offered to us by our Chinese partners. We need to make maximum use of all the incentives offered by the People's Republic of China, promoting the initiative.

Belarus is the country open to all geopolitical and economic winds.

And what is happening around us has a major influence on the development of our state. We cannot isolate ourselves from the outside world. After all, a large part of the products of Belarus is exported. Therefore, whether we like it or not, but we have to keep the doors open. 

It is not in the nature of the friendly and hospitable Belarusians to build separation walls, isolating from anyone.

We have different principles. Collaboration and creativity - that's the essence of our policy. The priority is the creation of a strong, competitive economy. The economy of tomorrow. It is this kind of economy that is the basis of our sovereignty. And in this regard, tremendous work needs to be done. But we will not do it from scratch. Over a quarter-century of independence, we've been able to solve many difficult problems. The potential that we have allows the country to demonstrate resilience even in the most unfavorable periods.