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NAVIBAND promises dynamic number at Eurovision 2017

The Belarusian team is preparing for their Eurovision 2017 performance. The musicians have just returned from Kyiv, where they rehearsed their number. The song is directed by a Ukrainian team.

It is known that it will be a romantic flight. The couple's images will be light and sincere. At the stage, the soloists will be alone, while four backing vocalists will assist them.

Kseniya Zhuk and Artem Lukyanenko, lead singer of NAVIBAND:
We will leave our hand movements. Artem will have a guitar. Almost everything is preserved from the original version. There will be more interaction. We are very pleased that it all is getting better. We won't dance that much. Everything will be very natural and emphasize the dynamism of the song.

The official opening of Eurovision Song Contest is scheduled for May 9. The Belarusian artists are to take the stage in the second semifinal, under number 14.

NAVIBAND promises dynamic number at Eurovision 2017