Minsk welcomes street musicians from Europe


Minsk welcomes street musicians from Europe

It is a year since Zybitskaya Street in the Upper Town of Minsk has become a pedestrian area.

Minsk residents enjoy the cordial atmosphere of the venue listening to choral music, jazz and chamber instrumental music.

The first series of concerts ‘Jazz Saturdays’ took place here in June 2013. In addition to this, the street is a venue for performances of street theaters and history re-enactment clubs.

Culture days of various nations are very popular with Minsk residents. The Belarusian capital turns a real European city during these days.

Minsk saw the beginning of music summer on April 8, 2017. As many as 15 street bands that played on the three stages of the Upper Town made a fest for Minsk residents.

Denis Sherstennikov, street music festival coordinator:
Minsk is in search of its own style, a mix of Belarusian and European traditions. There are more and more venues where residents can have a good time.

Zybitskaya Street has become a hallmark of the Belarusian capital. Each city in Europe is likely to have this one. Festival ‘Karol Jan’ is one of the events that makes Minsk a real European city.

The festival is one of the plenty of presents Minsk got on its 950th anniversary. The coordinators aimed to make Minsk ‘sound louder’ than ever. Cello and violin playing, beatboxers, dulcimer players, DJs and cover bands performances followed trendy techno. The first street karaoke in Belarus gives a chance to volunteers to try themselves as street singers.

A competent jury selected the bands to play on the specialized street stages in May 2017.

Alexander Lipnitsky, street music festival jury member:
Let’s pay more attention to the art around us and art people. Let’s just be grateful to those who display their art.

The spectators voted with the help of special counters.

We made our mind to vote for the band ‘Fisher Orchestra’, as they are cool guys and play magnificently. Such pleasing music!

The musicians of the street orchestra find Minsk residents grateful listeners.

Yury Kozlovsky, ‘Fisher Orchestra’ band musician:
It is the throng of our listeners whom we infect with energy. That is why there is positive in all this. Minsk has street music and it is developing.

Certainly, the Belarusian capital has its own tune, which is inimitable and multifaceted.

The official opening of the season of music and tourism takes place on May 7, 2017. The Upper Town will hold the street music festival on May 13. ‘Jazz Saturdays at the Town Hall’ start on June 10.

The capital will welcome musicians from Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Poland, France and the USA.

A symphonic program by the Orchestra of the Republic of Belarus under a conductor from New York is going to be a surprise for Minsk residents.