Belarusian Railways count on increase in Chinese cargo flows

Belarusian Railways count on increase in Chinese cargo flows

The company Belarusian Railways would like China to increase the flow of cargoes. Representatives of transport departments of the two countries held talks in Minsk. They agreed on a wider use of container express trains.

Representatives of railways from 25 countries gathered in Minsk these days. They are discussing how to improve the quality of passenger service and make this type of transport more attractive for customers.

Tadeusz Szozda, Chairman of Committee, Organisation for Co-operation between Railways:
99% of cargo is transported by sea between the ports of South-West Asia and Europe and only 1% by rail. This does not suit us. We would also like to see more transit through China, Kazakhstan, Japan, and South Korea. These are huge economies.

Vladimir Morozov, head of Belarusian Railways:
The organization is unique, it unites two continents - Europe and Asia. And 26 countries, they are different in terms of development and state. We discussed a document that will allow loading cargo in any of these countries and it will go unhindered to any country in our organization.

Belarusian Railways will launch three additional trains of interregional lines for the coming large weekend. In total, more than 70 additional trains are scheduled for the April and May holidays.