Ensemble Pesniary: Costume adds much to national image!

Ensemble Pesniary: Costume adds much to national image!

The vocal-instrumental ensemble Pesniary is a brand of Belarus. Its participants are well-known not only as singers of the publicly favorite hits “Alexandrina”, “Kasi Yas kanyushynu”, “Belovezhskaya Pushcha”, but also as fashionable dandies, far beyond Belarus. They are always well-dressed.

Vladimir Mulyavin, the founder and artistic director of Pesniary, was always one of the main dandies. His image with long mustache emphasized a unique style – a caftan on a long scroll, which the outstanding artist tied with a wide belt like a Slutsk one, a fur hat with feathers, old boots made from yellow-brown leather... They say that not all members of the ensemble liked shoes with high heels. And one day one of the musicians could not stand it and sawed off these attributes. Mulyavin’s reaction was severe and he ordered to glue them back. His order was carried out.

Vladimir Mulyavin always liked to dress like a gentry. He paid a lot attention to the creation of stage costumes.

The participants of this legendary ensemble performed in these colorful dresses at the Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk in 1994. The costumes were specially created for the 25th anniversary of the ensemble and its new program The Voice of the Soul. By the way, sketches of dresses for each concert program were approved at the highest level in the Ministry of Culture.

Pesniary became the first Soviet ensemble that went on a tour to the United States in 1976. Musicians sewed costumes from a very fashionable denim fabric of that time, and it was necessary to get it from abroad. Many of these interesting outfits, which now hang on museum mannequins, have not lost their relevance even today.

We can follow the evolution in the work of the legendary ensemble thanks to these colorful and embroidered outfits, which were created manually by the best masters. Today Pesniary uses about five variants of costumes for their performances. Each of these costumes has the elements of Belarusian national identity.