How promising is separate waste collection in Belarus?

How promising is separate waste collection in Belarus?

Gomel citizens have to give up their old household habits.

All trash chutes will be removed from Gomel and trash containers for separate collection of waste will be brought to yards.

This is the way of realization of a new economic and ecological programme. Then all waste products will get recycled.

Specialists of Gomel Housing Services and Utilities say that engraining of the programme on separate collection of waste starts from installing of trash containers. Inhabitants start complaining and a special commission visit different addresses everyday.

Andrei Khmel, Director-General of Grodno City Housing Services and Utilities:
If there is any real possibility that we failed to take something into account, then we won’t make concessions but we will listen to citizens. We will remove trash containers where it’s possible.
New trash containers will appear in all yards and then trash chutes will be removed from all high-rise buildings by June 1, 2017.  The measure is tough but it’s worldwide experience gained by many countries for decades.

Start-up of a trash-sorting factory near Grodno is an important stage of the ecological progamme. It will become a mediator between general waste products and recycling enterprises. Paper, plastic, glass and textiles will be given a second life. Separate collection of waste will give a double effect: economic and ecological. 

Vyacheslav Andreyevsky, director of Grodno Utilization and Mechanical Waste Sorting Plant:
There will be waste purity and recycling price will immediately rise. Anyway, it’s a bit difficult to choose secondary material resources from municipal waste.

The more waste is recycled, the less waste will be buried at landfills and the more raw materials will be given a second life in a form of plastic packaging that also has its price.