Minsk-Grodno M6 highway to have speed limit of 120km/h

Minsk-Grodno M6 highway to have speed limit of 120km/h

Quality, speed and conformity with international standards are the principles M6 highway (Minsk-Grodno) builders are guided by.

The Minsk-Grodno highway now resembles a big construction site: additional detours, a speed limit of only 50 km/h. Drivers understand temporary inconveniences. Wait a bit, and almost 300 kilometers of the M6 will be transformed into a modern highway.

At a speed of 120 km/h, you will be able to get from Grodno to Minsk in only 2.5 hours.

Piotr Lagoyko, superintendent of a road construction administration:
The width of the traffic way with the roadside will be 10 meters. There will be blocks that will help avoid head-on car collision.

Igor Galinsky, asphalt plant manager:
The top layer is our know-how. We add to the asphalt some rubber-bitumen binder granules. This gives the asphalt coating elasticity and durability.

The roadbed, like a cake, is made of several layers. Thickness is no less than 20 centimeters. In addition, the new technology is used here - a padding of geogrids.

This is international experience. Builders claim that the road is perfectly flat. The CTV Сhannel tested it in its own car.

Galina Buro, CTV:
On this occasion, we decided to conduct a test of the quality of the road. We pour water when driving and try not to spill. As you can see, there is not a single drop. The test is passed.

Throughout the route, five bridges and six overpasses will be built. Moreover there will be underpasses for wildlife. At every 15 km, you will see a parking and recreation sites.

Vladimir Mankevich, master of road-building office:
Modern construction of bridges is different from the old building methods. Today we have better geodetic instruments.

There is even satellite navigation: it allows building bridges with the utmost precision.

The Belarus President repeatedly said about the need for construction of a modern highway from Minsk to Grodno. A new traffic organization will drastically reduce the accident rate on this sector. In the near future, this route is expected to attract logistics centers and roadside cafes. The latter is a fertile ground for small businesses.