“Dangerous” fans in Belarus may be banned from attending matches


“Dangerous” fans in Belarus may be banned from attending matches

“Dangerous” fans may be banned from visiting sports matches. The prohibition of attending sports competitions for hooligan fans draft law was passed in the first reading by delegates on April 19, 2017. Depending on the extent of a crime, the term of the ban may be from three months to three years.

By the way, the list of rebellious fans will be publicly available. Such practice is widely implemented in Great Britain, France, and Russia. As for Belarusian fans, as many as 130 people bid to have their names on the blacklist.

Alexander Bogdanovich, delegate of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus:
This law doesn’t prejudice anyone’s rights; it simply makes the matches for law-abiding fans safe. In order to prevent these fans from coarse language and some kind of law violations, everything is done according to the law, every fan will have rights.

The delegates adopted changes into the legislation on combating terrorism. Amendments are being made to the Criminal Code. More specifically, the document says that responsibility is applied for financing any expenditure of suspected operatives even bought tickets to terrorist training camps. What is more, competence of some security ensuring structures will change.