Belarus’ Criminal Code to be overhauled


Belarus’ Criminal Code to be overhauled

Cajolement of loans, non-payment of these loans, incorrectly opened foreign accounts and merchandise turnover with forged excises. It is far from the full list of violations which may be mitigated in Belarus. The Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus is planned to be reviewed as well.

Legislators stand for mitigation in a range of violation cases for illegal entrepreneurship and other criminal acts in the economic sphere.

Viktor Franskevich, Deputy Director of the Financial Investigations Department, the State Control Committee of the Republic of Belarus:
There isn’t such a list in the prohibited entrepreneurship section, but special points as illegal arms trade, illegal drug trafficking, human trafficking are in the Criminal Code. Criminal sanctions for such actions exist. It is planned that the points concerning official registration will be reformed and tax evasion will be added to article 243.

An expert group from different agencies is carrying out work and analyzing all the suggestions. These suggestions will be presented to the delegates before the next regular parliamentary session.