Minsk hosts 10th CSTO Military Committee session


Minsk hosts 10th CSTO Military Committee session

Joint training of skilled specialists for the organization of air defense. The CSTO Military Committee gathers in Minsk for the 10th time. Maintenance of security and delivery of collective air forces are among the topical issues. Furthermore, it was decided that the training of man power will be held in military academies of Belarus and Russia. Subsidiary organs, which deal with communications and technical support, will also be established.

Oleg Belokonev, Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces - First Deputy Minister of Defense of the Republic of Belarus:
As many as five key issues have been taken into consideration, the evaluation of challenges and the simplification of flight procedures, establishment of specific bodies for quick solutions of issues within the current organization were among the major subjects of discussion.

Anatoly Sidorov, Chief of CSTO Joint Staff:
Principal issues were raised. Being chief of the CSTO Joint Staff, I feel pleased that they found support and understanding.

All these changes are orientated at strengthening the military components of the CSTO. Before the current CSTO meeting in Minsk, CSTO president held an informal meeting in Bishkek, where joint efforts against potential threats were discussed as well.