Ride tickets in Minsk parks up to $2.5 in 2017


Ride tickets in Minsk parks up to $2.5 in 2017

Vladimir Babivsky, chief engineer of the amusement parks authority Minskzelenstroi, has told the CTV channel about prices for ride tickets.

Vladimir Babivsky, chief engineer of Minskzelenstroi:
The price of tickets is formed taking into account economic components. The regulation of ticket prices is the responsibility of the antimonopoly regulation and trade department. We coordinate with them all these changes.

Could you say an average price park ride tickets?

Vladimir Babivsky:
The average price is about BYN3-5 (about $1.5-$2.5 - note by CTV.by).

And how much should it cost, purely theoretically, taking into account the costs of maintaining the rides?

Vladimir Babivsky:
The ticket costs as much as it costs.

If tickets are more expensive, the rides become much less attractive.

Our parks have also commercial rides that belong to private entrepreneurs, and the price there is a bit higher. Our visitors see this perfectly. Our prices are, in part, social. We are not trying to get super profits. We want to give people affordable pleasure. An expensive ride attracts a person once or maybe twice and then this person never returns. But the more affordable the price, the more often people return.

What is the payback period for a ride?

Vladimir Babivsky:
In the conditions of our enterprise, the payback period for a ride is about 6-7 years. This is the payback period of one ride. And only after that does it begin to bring us profit.