Cutting-edge street cleaner presented in Belarus

Cutting-edge street cleaner presented in Belarus

The latest development of Belarusian automobile industry, referred to as "super machine" for treatment of urban waste water, was presented in Minsk April 19. Even before the official presentation of the model, the developer company received bids from foreign partners. Tomorrow the Belarusian-Danish showpiece will be exported to St. Petersburg, Russia.

The new development saves time and energy of utilities services, since it uses a vacuum pump for wastewater treatment, which directs a jet of water in the sewers under very high pressure - up to 160 atmospheres. For comparison, in car tires, this pressure reaches only 2 atm.

Dmitry Katerinich, CEO of Minsk Automobile Plant:
The buyer must be provided both a low-end and premium product. So we have a lot of developments; we produced the first samples of sewer flusher vehicles. Such machines are not produced in the Eurasian Economic Union and in particular in Russia.

Remarkably, workers of the municipal sphere from various Belarusian regions have seen this novelty. Today, they came to the capital Minsk to assess the new developments and possibly negotiate on future contracts. The range of vehicles on offer is wide - from tractors to vehicles that sweep and wash roadways.

Vladimir Semashko, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus:
More than half of these products must be purchased inside Belarus. This is the first task. We are solving two tasks. First, this is import substitution. And on the other hand, we could export these vehicles. Our main advantage is that we try to combine price, reliability, quality and functionality, which are the most important aspects.