CTV project Golden Collection of Belarusian Songs begins tour in Soligorsk

CTV project Golden Collection of Belarusian Songs begins tour in Soligorsk

Six new venues, unexpected duets and new covers of legendary hits. The project of the CTV channel - the "Golden Collection of Belarusian Song" - has begun the national tour.

The festival made its first stop in Soligorsk.


The CTV team has long been preparing for this project. The director, his assistants, lighting, sound, and, of course, operators are ready. They'll have to work with full dedication during the next two hours.

All videos from the seven cameras and the crane come here to the mobile television station.

Ulyana Sapronenko, CTV director:
This is the first concert in a series of concerts, which we will visit. We're going to go to Gomel, Borisov, and Grodno. We have very strong guys today, so I think everything will work fine.

The CTV began the Golden collection of Belarusian Song project in Minsk, back in 2011. This time the tour began with a concert in Soligorsk.

Aleksey Strapko, deputy chairman of the Soligorsk district executive committee:
Indeed, this is a long-awaited event. We are very pleased that the tour of the Golden Collection of Belarusian Songs begins in Soligorsk. Today the event is a sell-out! 

The concert also strives to popularize the Belarusian language, which is, by the way, the oldest among the Slavic languages.

Did you know that according to UNESCO's research, it is the Belarusian language that is the most melodic after the Italian language? Many can envy such a treasure.

Eurovision participant, Honored Artist of the Republic of Belarus Alena Lanskaya began the concert with the song "Belarus Vasilkovaya".

The two-hour-long concert consists of 35 numbers. Not every song made it into the Golden Collection. All this is the result of long and careful selection of hundreds of hits. Finally, only the most decent representatives of Belarusian music rose on stage.

Nikolai Skorikov, People's Artist of Belarus:
Songs that have already stood the test of time have been selected. What poets, what composers wrote these songs! It's nice to sing them and I see that the audience enjoys them!

Aleksey Khlestov, singer:
We indeed honor such creative heights of Belarus, I mean those famous songs. It is a great honor for all of us.

Among the concert participants are famous Pesniary, Čaraunica (Sorcerer) and Čysty Holas (Clear Voice) bands; Yadviga Poplavskaya, Aleksei Khlestov and Nikolai Skorikov.

Some are only beginning their career.

Valentina Olshanskaya sings "White Apples". A year ago, she was an ordinary dancer.

Valentina Olshanskaya, singer:
I want to give my kindness, the grace of my songs and my voice, so that it reaches my countrymen and sounds in their souls!

However, this is only the beginning. In fact, the CTV's Golden Collection can be called a real festival. The CTV channel will continue to fill the treasury of Belarusian songs throughout the year.

The next concerts will take place in Gomel (May 18) and Bobruisk (June 7).